Bina Nagda Passenger Train No 142WC

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Bina Nagda Passenger

Bina Nagda Passenger Train Number 142WC from Bina Junction to Nagda Junction is a Passenger train belonging to Indian Railways in OTHER/other Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 32 halts. 141 intermediate Stations between Bina Junction and Nagda Junction Covering a total distance of 1135 km in 11h 0m time. The Departure time of Bina Nagda Passenger from Bina Junction is 04:00 and arrival time at Nagda Junction is 15:00. It usually comes on Platform Number -- at Bina Junction station and Platform Number -- at Nagda Junction.

Schedule of Bina Nagda Passenger

From: BINA Bina Junction
To: NAD Nagda Junction
Departs @ 04:00
Arrive @ 15:00
Platform --
Platform --
Type: Passenger
Travel Time: 11h 0m
32 halts
Distance: 1135 km
Avg Speed: 103 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Bina Nagda Passenger

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1BINA Bina Junction 04:00--10.041413mWCRBina District Saugor, Madhya Pradesh
2MDVK Mahadeokhedi 04:1104:12--1m17.531423mWCRJn Point Bina/Agasoda/Malkheri/Mungaoli, Madhya Pradesh
3SRKI Semarkheri 04:2204:23--1m112.661412mWCRBina, Madhya Pradesh
4MNV Mungaoli 04:3904:40--1m128.842403mWCRMadhya Pradesh 473443, Madhya Pradesh
5GVB Guneru Bamori 04:5204:53--1m137.241427mWCRAshoknagar, Madhya Pradesh
6ORR Orr 05:2905:30--1m161.984450mWCRAshoknagar, Madhya Pradesh
7ASKN Ashok Nagar 05:3905:40--1m174.549502mWCRAshoknagar, Madhya Pradesh
8SHDR Shadhoragaon 05:5906:00--1m189.938507mWCRGuna, Madhya Pradesh
9PGA Pagara 06:2406:25--1m1105.211493mWCRGuna, Madhya Pradesh
10GUNA Guna Junction 07:4007:50--10m1118.641477mWCR473001, Madhya Pradesh
11MUGA Mahugara 08:0108:02--1m1126.1-500mWCRRuthiyai, Madhya Pradesh
12RTI Raoti 08:1508:20--5m1497.6-409mWRState Highway 39A, Madhya Pradesh
13VJP Vijay Pur 08:2908:3011m1850.753421mWCRVijaipur, Madhya Pradesh
14KHRJ Kumbhraj 08:5108:5211m1869.380402mWCR473222, Madhya Pradesh
15CBK Chachaura Binaganj 09:0909:1011m1891.963435mWCRGuna, Madhya Pradesh
16BRRG Biyavra Rajgarh 09:3909:40--1m1922.370422mWCRBiaora, Madhya Pradesh
17PFR Pachor Road 10:0510:06--1m1951.663426mWCRPachore, Madhya Pradesh
18UDK Udyan Kheri 10:1910:2011m1965.355437mWCRUdankheri, Madhya Pradesh
19PQU Parhana Mau 10:3010:3111m1974.546440mWCRNational Highway 3, Madhya Pradesh
20SFW Sarangpur 10:4310:44--1m1983.656428mWCRSarangpur, Madhya Pradesh
21SFY Shajapur 11:1311:14--1m11010.9-453mWCRShajapur, Madhya Pradesh
22CAZ Chauhani 11:1911:20--1m11023.515478mWCRShajapur, Madhya Pradesh
23MKC Maksi Junction 12:2012:22--2m11038.872513mWRMaksi, Madhya Pradesh
24TAN Tarana Road 12:3012:31--1m11048.363500mWRMaksi, Madhya Pradesh
25SVT Shivpura 12:3712:38--1m11054.773498mWRMaksi, Madhya Pradesh
26TJP Tajpur 12:4612:47--1m11064.349528mWRMaksi, Madhya Pradesh
27PLW Pingleshwar 12:5512:56--1m11070.829509mWRPin:456006, Madhya Pradesh
28UJN Ujjain Junction 13:1513:35--20m11080.048493mWRUjjain 456001, Madhya Pradesh
29NKI Naikheri 13:4913:50--1m11091.242504mWRUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
30ASL Aslaoda 14:0214:03--1m11099.665490mWRUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
31PSO Palsora Makrawa 14:1114:12--1m11108.357500mWRUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
32UNL Unhel 14:2114:22--1m11116.953484mWRDistrict Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
33PPG Piploda Bagla 14:3014:31--1m11123.924475mWRPiploda Sagotimata, Madhya Pradesh
34NAD Nagda Junction 15:00--11135.5-469mWRNagda - 456335, Madhya Pradesh

Alternate Trains of Bina Nagda Passenger

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
15045Gorakhpur-Okha Express xxxxTxx
19166Sabarmati Express xMxWxxS
Total Alternet Trains: 2

Return Train from Bina Junction to Nagda Junction

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
15046Okha - Gorakhpur Express Sxxxxxx
11465Somnath - Jabalpur Express (via Bina) xMxxxxS
Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Bina Nagda Passenger

Train From Bina to Nagda

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