Prayag Jaunpur Passenger Train No 54375

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Prayag Jaunpur Passenger

Prayag Jaunpur Passenger Train Number 54375 from Prayag Junction to Jaunpur Junction is a Passenger train belonging to Indian Railways in NR/Northern Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 16 halts. 18 intermediate Stations between Prayag Junction and Jaunpur Junction Covering a total distance of 107 km in 3h 45m time. The Departure time of Prayag Jaunpur Passenger from Prayag Junction is 06:35 and arrival time at Jaunpur Junction is 10:20 . It usually comes on Platform Number 3 at Prayag Junction station and Platform Number -- at Jaunpur Junction.

Schedule of Prayag Jaunpur Passenger

From: PRG Prayag Junction
To: JNU Jaunpur Junction
Departs @ 06:35
Arrive @ 10:20
Platform 3
Platform --
Type: Passenger
Travel Time: 3h 45m
16 halts
Distance: 107 km
Avg Speed: 29 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Prayag Jaunpur Passenger

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1PRG Prayag Junction 06:35310.02996mNRAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
2PFM Phaphamau Junction 06:4806:49--1m16.44799mNRAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
3THW Tharwai 06:5606:5711m111.95098mNRDistrict - Allahabad 221507, Uttar Pradesh
4SYC Sarai Chandi 07:0507:0611m118.55798mNR221507, Uttar Pradesh
5PLP Phulpur 07:1807:19--1m129.96295mNRDistrict - Allahabad 212402, Uttar Pradesh
6URPR Ugrasenpur 07:2907:3011m140.32394mNRJanghai, Uttar Pradesh
7BYHA Barya Ram 07:4007:4111m144.13893mNR212405, Uttar Pradesh
8JNH Janghai Junction 07:5508:00--5m153.14093mNRUttar Pradesh 212401, Uttar Pradesh
9JUA Jarauna 08:1408:15--1m162.32793mNRAlamganj, Uttar Pradesh
10BSY Barsathi 08:3108:3211m169.63091mNR222162, Uttar Pradesh
11VNN Bhanaur 08:4308:44--1m175.13190mNRState Highway 36, Uttar Pradesh
12WRGN Warigaon Newada 08:5208:5311m179.22889mNRChak Dost Barigaon, Uttar Pradesh
13MAY Mariahu 09:0109:0312m182.93389mNRMariahu, Uttar Pradesh
14SPPR Shudnipur 09:1309:1411m188.43087mNR222161, Uttar Pradesh
15SAF Salkhapur 09:2409:2511m193.33486mNRKathiravan Paramalpatti Rd, Uttar Pradesh
16KJTW Kajgaon Terhwan 09:3309:3411m197.8884mNRKajgaon, Uttar Pradesh
17ZBD Zafarabad Junction 09:5709:58--1m1100.81883mNRNational Highway 56, Uttar Pradesh
18JNU Jaunpur Junction 10:20--1107.3-84mNRJaunpur, Uttar Pradesh

Alternate Trains of Prayag Jaunpur Passenger

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
3AJNRAllahabad Jaunpur Passenger SMTWTFS
54107Allahabad Jaunpur Passenger SMTWTFS
Total Alternet Trains: 2

Return Train from Prayag Junction to Jaunpur Junction

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
2AJNRJaunpur Allahabad Passenger SMTWTFS
54108Jaunpur Allahabad Passenger SMTWTFS
Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Prayag Jaunpur Passenger

Train From Prayag to Jaunpur

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