Panchvalley Passenger Slip2 Train No 59386-Slip2

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Panchvalley Passenger Slip2

Panchvalley Passenger Slip2 Train Number 59386-Slip2 from Chhindwara Junction to Gorakhpur Junction is a Passenger train belonging to Indian Railways in SECR/South East Central Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 47 halts. 176 intermediate Stations between Chhindwara Junction and Gorakhpur Junction Covering a total distance of 1190 km in 34h 5m time. The Departure time of Panchvalley Passenger Slip2 from Chhindwara Junction is 21:05 and arrival time at Gorakhpur Junction is 07:10 +2 nights. It usually comes on Platform Number 3 at Chhindwara Junction station and Platform Number 4 at Gorakhpur Junction.

Schedule of Panchvalley Passenger Slip2

From: CWA Chhindwara Junction
To: GKP Gorakhpur Junction
Departs @ 21:05
Arrive @ 07:10 +2 nights
Platform 3
Platform 4
Type: Passenger
Zone:SECR/South East Central
Travel Time: 34h 5m
47 halts
Distance: 1190 km
Avg Speed: 35 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Panchvalley Passenger Slip2

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1CWA Chhindwara Junction 21:05310.037676mSECRChhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
2GNW Gangiwara 21:2621:2711m113.039714mCRChhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
3KUX Khirsadoh Junction 21:4721:48--1m126.125762mCRChhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
4PUX Parasia 21:5421:56--2m128.637775mCRDongar Parasia Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
5IKR Iklehra 22:0622:0711m134.830771mCRDongar Parasia Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
6PCLI Palachauri 22:1622:1711m139.444791mCRDongar Parasia Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
7JNO Junnor Deo 22:2822:29--1m147.443764mCRDongar Parasia Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
8HRG Hirdagarh 22:4322:44--1m157.542721mCRDongar Parasia Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
9MKDN Morkadhana 22:5222:5311m163.150747mCRNayagaon, Madhya Pradesh
10NVG Nawegaon 23:0423:0511m172.244799mCRNawegaon Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
11BQM Barelipar 23:1423:1511m178.961744mCRNayagaon, Madhya Pradesh
12BXY Bordhai 23:2423:2511m188.157713mCRBordhai Amla District Betul, Madhya Pradesh
13BCRD Barchi Road 23:3223:3311m194.849713mCRState Highway 26, Madhya Pradesh
14JMV Jambara 23:4123:4211m1101.319705mCRAmla, Madhya Pradesh
15AMLA Amla Junction 00:2500:40--15m2115.067733mCR(M.P.) 460551, Madhya Pradesh
16BYS Barsali 00:4900:50--1m2125.045700mCRDistt.-Betul, Madhya Pradesh
17MALK Malkapur Road 00:5901:0011m2131.743668mCRBetul, Madhya Pradesh
18BZU Betul 01:0901:1021m2138.137643mCRBetul-460001, Madhya Pradesh
19MJY Maramjhiri 01:2301:24--1m2146.252642mCRBetul, Madhya Pradesh
20GDYA Ghoradongri 01:5601:5711m2174.158407mCRBetul, Madhya Pradesh
21BBTR Barbatpur 02:0902:10--1m2185.635394mCR460440, Madhya Pradesh
22DOH Dhodramohar 02:2902:30--1m2196.730377mCRBetul, Madhya Pradesh
23KQE Kala Akhar 02:5903:00--1m2211.449376mCRItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
24SAHL Saheli 03:0803:10--2m2217.98388mCRItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
25TAKU Taku 03:3903:40--1m2222.018390mCRItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
26KRTH Kiratgarh 04:1904:20--1m2233.79369mCRItarsi District Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
27ET Itarsi Junction 05:3511:55--380m2244.455329mWCRDistrict Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
28BHS Vidisha 14:3314:3512m2389.785431mWCRVidisha, Madhya Pradesh
29BAQ Ganj Basoda 15:0315:0512m2429.234417mWCRDistrict Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh
30BINA Bina Junction 16:2516:3025m2475.063413mWCRBina District Saugor, Madhya Pradesh
31LAR Lalitpur Junction 17:3017:3232m2537.881373mNCRLalitpur Junction, Uttar Pradesh
32BAB Babina 18:2018:2222m2602.932284mNCRBabina, Uttar Pradesh
33JHS Jhansi Junction 19:1019:30120m2628.295259mNCRJhansi (Jn Point :BNDA/CNB/BINA/GWL), Uttar Pradesh
34CGN Chirgaon 19:5019:52--2m2659.980193mNCRChirgaon, Uttar Pradesh
35AIT Ait Junction 20:3520:3712m2717.548156mNCROrai (05162-252206), Uttar Pradesh
36ORAI Orai 21:0821:10--2m2742.1100139mNCRDistt Jalaun (05162-252206), Uttar Pradesh
37KPI Kalpi 21:3021:3212m2775.548122mNCRDistt Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh
38PHN Pokhrayan 21:5021:5212m2790.026133mNCRKanpur Rural District, Uttar Pradesh
39BZM Bhimsen Junction 23:3523:3712m2834.525133mNCRJn Point Kanpur/Ait/Khairar, Uttar Pradesh
40CNB Kanpur Central 00:1000:20710m3848.548129mNCRKANPUR-208 001, Uttar Pradesh
41ON Unnao Junction 00:4200:4422m3866.154128mNR209801, Uttar Pradesh
42LKO Lucknow Charbagh NR 01:4501:55610m3920.540124mNRLucknow 226004, Uttar Pradesh
43BBK Barabanki Junction 02:3802:4042m3948.867123mNRUttar Pradesh., Uttar Pradesh
44GD Gonda Junction 04:0004:0525m31038.158110mNER271002, Uttar Pradesh
45MUR Mankapur Junction 04:3404:3612m31066.181104mNERDistrict Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
46BV Babhnan 04:5805:0022m31095.95399mNERDistrict- Basti, Uttar Pradesh
47BST Basti 05:3505:4035m31126.76391mNERBasti 272001, Uttar Pradesh
48KLD Khalilabad 06:0806:1022m31156.23483mNERKhalilabad- 272175, Uttar Pradesh
49GKP Gorakhpur Junction 07:10431190.1-84mNERGorakhpur 273001, Uttar Pradesh

Alternate Trains of Panchvalley Passenger Slip2

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
No Data
Total Alternet Trains: 0

Return Train from Chhindwara Junction to Gorakhpur Junction

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
No Data
Total Return Trains: 0

Coach Postion of Panchvalley Passenger Slip2

Train From Chhindwara to Gorakhpur

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