Ahmadabad Passenger Train No 59940

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Ahmadabad Passenger

Ahmadabad Passenger Train Number 59940 from Ahmedabad Junction to Borivali is a Passenger train belonging to Indian Railways in WR/Western Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 60 halts. 90 intermediate Stations between Ahmedabad Junction and Borivali Covering a total distance of 463 km in 15h 0m time. The Departure time of Ahmadabad Passenger from Ahmedabad Junction is 23:00 and arrival time at Borivali is 14:00 +1 night. It usually comes on Platform Number -- at Ahmedabad Junction station and Platform Number -- at Borivali.

Schedule of Ahmadabad Passenger

From: ADI Ahmedabad Junction
To: BVI Borivali
Departs @ 23:00
Arrive @ 14:00 +1 night
Platform --
Platform --
Type: Passenger
Travel Time: 15h 0m
60 halts
Distance: 463 km
Avg Speed: 31 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Ahmadabad Passenger

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1ADI Ahmedabad Junction 23:00--10.02451mWRAhmedabad, Gujarat
2MAN Maninagar 23:0823:10--2m13.25750mWRAhmadabad, Gujarat
3VTA Vatva 23:1523:17--2m17.92448mWRDist. Ahmedabad 382445, Gujarat
4BJD Barejadi Nandej 23:3923:41--2m116.64439mWRBareja-Barejadi Rd, Gujarat
5KANJ Kanij 23:4723:49--2m121.01939mWRBareja-Barejadi Rd, Gujarat
6NEP Nenpur 23:5900:01--2m124.23837mWRState Highway 3, Gujarat
7MHD Mahemdavad Kheda Road 00:0700:09--2m228.03935mWRMahemdavad, Gujarat
8GTE Gothaj 00:2200:24--2m236.54633mWRState Highway 3, Gujarat
9ND Nadiad Junction 00:3600:40--4m245.65537mWRNadiad, Gujarat
10KBRV Kanjari Boriyavi Junction 00:5200:54--2m256.61739mWRKanjari, Gujarat
11ANND Anand Junction 01:2001:25--5m264.16844mWRAnand, Gujarat
12VXD Vadod 01:3101:33--2m270.95244mWRAnand District, Gujarat
13VDA Vasad Junction 01:4301:45--2m279.65039mWRVasad, Gujarat
14RNO Ranoli 01:5401:56--2m287.23240mWRVadodara District, Gujarat
15BJW Bajva 02:0602:08--2m292.51838mWRVadodara, Gujarat
16BRC Vadodara Junction 02:3202:42--10m299.86837mWRVadodara 390005, Gujarat
17ITA Itola 02:5803:00--2m2118.07027mWRNational Highway 8 Vadodara, Gujarat
18MYG Miyagam Karjan 03:1003:12--2m2129.75430mWRKarjan, Gujarat
19PLJ Palej 03:2903:31--2m2144.94528mWRPalej, Gujarat
20NIU Nabipur 03:4903:51--2m2158.33820mWRNabipur, Gujarat
21BH Bharuch Junction 04:1004:15--5m2170.45620mWRBharuch, Gujarat
22AKV Ankleshwar Junction 04:2504:27--2m2179.74419mWRAnkleshwar, Gujarat
23PAO Panoli 04:4104:43--2m2190.02129mWRPanoli, Gujarat
24HAT Hathuran 04:5404:56--2m2193.85232mWRKosamba, Gujarat
25KSB Kosamba Junction 05:0105:03--2m2198.24728mWRKosamba, Gujarat
26KIM Kim 05:1305:15--2m2206.02018mWRNH 8, Gujarat
27SYN Sayan 05:4505:47--2m2215.9821mWRSayan Satellite town, Gujarat
28GTX Gothangam 06:1006:12--2m2219.02619mWRAmroli Sayan Rd, Gujarat
29KSE Kosad 06:2006:22--2m2222.52016mWRSurat, Gujarat
30URN Utran 06:3206:34--2m2225.92015mWRSurat, Gujarat
31ST Surat 06:4507:20--35m2229.64018mWRSurat 395001, Gujarat
32UDN Udhna Junction (Surat) 07:2607:28--2m2233.65514mWRUdhna 394210, Gujarat
33BHET Bhestan 07:3407:36--2m2239.16113mWRSurat, Gujarat
34SCH Sachin 07:4107:43--2m2244.15712mWRKansad Road Sachin, Gujarat
35MRL Maroli 07:5007:52--2m2250.83015mWRMaroli, Gujarat
36NVS Navsari 08:0908:11--2m2259.25714mWRNavsari, Gujarat
37VDH Vedchha 08:2008:22--2m2267.75016mWRNavsari, Gujarat
38ACL Ancheli 08:2608:28--2m2271.05818mWRNavsari, Gujarat
39AML Amalsad 08:3208:34--2m2274.95414mWRAmalsad, Gujarat
40BIM Bilimora Junction 08:4008:42--2m2280.34711mWRBilimora, Gujarat
41JRS Joravasan 08:4708:49--2m2284.27615mWRJoravasan, Gujarat
42DGI Dungri 08:5308:55--2m2289.33118mWRNH 8, Gujarat
43BL Valsad 09:1209:17--5m2298.28012mWRValsad, Gujarat
44ATUL Atul 09:2209:24--2m2304.96017mWRValsad, Gujarat
45PAD Pardi 09:2809:30--2m2308.94517mWRValsad, Gujarat
46UVD Udvada 09:3809:40--2m2314.82120mWRUdvada, Gujarat
47VAPI Vapi 10:0810:10--2m2324.44827mWRVapi, Gujarat
48KEB Karambeli 10:1810:20--2m2330.94828mWRNational Highway 8, Gujarat
49BLD Bhilad 10:2610:28--2m2335.76934mWRBhilad, Gujarat
50SJN Sanjan 10:3810:40--2m2347.35421mWRSanjan, Gujarat
51UBR Umargam Road 10:4610:48--2m2352.63224mWRUmbergaon, Gujarat
52GVD Gholvad 11:0511:07--2m2361.83714mWRMaharashtra 401702, Maharashtra
53DRD Dahanu Road 11:2511:27--2m2372.95712mWRDahanu, Maharashtra
54VGN Vangaon 11:4011:42--2m2385.26312mWRDist. Palghar, Maharashtra
55BOR Boisar 11:5111:53--2m2394.73816mWRBoisar Tel.no-02525-266626, Maharashtra
56PLG Palghar 12:1112:13--2m2405.93019mWRDist-Palghar, Maharashtra
57KLV Kelve Road 12:3012:32--2m2414.3648mWRDist. Palghar, Maharashtra
58SAH Saphale 12:3812:40--2m2420.8587mWRDist. Palghar, Maharashtra
59VTN Vaitarna 12:4812:50--2m2428.6183mWR401303, Maharashtra
60VR Virar 13:1813:20--2m2437.1349mWRTal-Vasai Dist. Palghar, Maharashtra
61BSR Vasai Road 13:3513:37--2m2445.5466mWRVasai 401202, Maharashtra
62BVI Borivali 14:00--2463.1-18mWRMumbai- 400066, Maharashtra

Alternate Trains of Ahmadabad Passenger

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
12990Ajmer - Dadar SF Express SxxWxFx
19708Aravali Express SMTWTFS
Total Alternet Trains: 2

Return Train from Ahmedabad Junction to Borivali

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
09531Bandra Terminus - Hapa Special train xxxxxFx
12989Dadar - Ajmer SF Express xMxxTxS
Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Ahmadabad Passenger

Train From Ahmedabad to Borivali

Ahmadabad Passenger Train Number 59940 runs in Ahmedabad to Borivali Route. Above is the complete details about 59940 Arrival Departure Timing, Schedule, Route, Status and Time Table. Ahmadabad Passenger Stations, Ahmadabad Passenger platform number, Ahmadabad Passenger train platform, train route map, train route information, train route status, train route and time, train stops.