Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU Train No 74838

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Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU

Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU Train Number 74838 from Palanpur Junction to Jodhpur Junction is a DEMU train belonging to Indian Railways in NWR/North Western Zone. It has started services from Mon Sep 09, 2013. It has 37 halts. 40 intermediate Stations between Palanpur Junction and Jodhpur Junction Covering a total distance of 350 km in 9h 15m time. The Departure time of Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU from Palanpur Junction is 04:15 and arrival time at Jodhpur Junction is 13:30 . It usually comes on Platform Number -- at Palanpur Junction station and Platform Number -- at Jodhpur Junction.

Schedule of Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU

From: PNU Palanpur Junction
To: JU Jodhpur Junction
Departs @ 04:15
Arrive @ 13:30
Platform --
Platform --
Type: DEMU
Zone:NWR/North Western
Travel Time: 9h 15m
37 halts
Distance: 350 km
Avg Speed: 38 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1PNU Palanpur Junction 04:15--10.062217mWRPalanpur, Gujarat
2CDS Chandisar 04:2804:3012m113.471166mWRBanaskantha, Gujarat
3DISA Disa 04:4204:4412m127.543140mWRDisa, Gujarat
4LW Lorwada 04:5604:5812m136.126130mWRBanaskantha, Gujarat
5BLDI Bhildi Junction 05:2005:35--15m145.579109mWR385530, Gujarat
6JNZ Jenal 05:4705:4912m161.453127mNWRBhildi, Gujarat
7RXN Ramsan 06:0006:0111m171.266131mNWRState Highway 27, Gujarat
8DQN Dhanera 06:1006:1212m181.054135mNWRDhanera, Gujarat
9JARI Jari 06:2406:2612m191.932147mNWRDhanera, Gujarat
10DGQ Dugdol 06:3206:34--2m195.177155mNWRDhanera, Gujarat
11MSQ Marwar Ratanpur 06:4206:4412m1105.459179mNWRRaniwara, Rajasthan
12RNV Raniwara 06:5506:5712m1116.152213mNWRRaniwara, Rajasthan
13MBW Malwara 07:0707:09--2m1124.865238mNWRMarwara, Rajasthan
14KOF Marwar Kori 07:2107:23--2m1137.866190mNWRJalor, Rajasthan
15MBNL Marwar Bhinmal 07:3207:34--2m1147.854153mNWRBhinmal, Rajasthan
16LDM Ledarmer 07:4507:47--2m1157.755161mNWRJalor, Rajasthan
17BIPR Bheempura 07:5607:58--2m1166.059148mNWRJalor, Rajasthan
18MON Modran 08:0808:1012m1175.843136mNWRJalor, Rajasthan
19BK Bakra Road 08:1808:20--2m1181.560140mNWRJalor, Rajasthan
20MBGA Marwar Bagra 08:3108:33--2m1192.553156mNWRPin Code: 343025, Rajasthan
21JNX Jagnath Road Halt 08:4208:44--2m1200.5-172mNWRJalor, Rajasthan
22JOR Jalor 08:4708:57--10m1210.536162mNWRJalor, Rajasthan
23BISH Bishengarh 09:1709:19--2m1222.547145mNWRJalor, Rajasthan
24BAWA Balwara 09:2709:29--2m1228.833148mNWRState Highway 38, Rajasthan
25MKSR Mokalsar 09:5509:5813m1243.252174mNWRMokalsar, Rajasthan
26RHI Rakhi 10:0710:09--2m1251.063155mNWRBarmer, Rajasthan
27BMSN Bamsin 10:1710:19--2m1259.523134mNWRBaamaseen, Rajasthan
28SMR Samdhari Junction 10:4510:55--10m1269.580141mNWRPincode – 344021, Rajasthan
29AJIT Ajit 11:0311:0512m1280.141150mNWRState Highway 68, Rajasthan
30MNKB Miyan ka Bara Halt 11:1311:1411m1285.653152mNWRSamdhari, Rajasthan
31DOR Dundara 11:2211:24--2m1292.763161mNWRDhundhara, Rajasthan
32DUK Dudia 11:3511:3611m1304.264170mNWRJodhpur, Rajasthan
33SUT Satlana 11:4211:4412m1310.618172mNWRDundara, Rajasthan
34LUNI Luni Junction 12:0912:12--3m1318.358180mNWRLuni, Rajasthan
35HWT Hanwant 12:1912:2011m1325.158185mNWRBasni, Rajasthan
36SZ Salawas 12:2912:30--1m1333.772193mNWRLuni, Rajasthan
37BANE Basni 12:3812:40--2m1343.337220mNWRIndia, Rajasthan
38BGKT Bhagat Ki Kothi 12:4512:4712m1346.45228mNWRRajasthan 342001, Rajasthan
39JU Jodhpur Junction 13:30--1350.3-241mNWRRajasthan 342001, Rajasthan

Alternate Trains of Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
16312Kochuveli - Bikaner Express xxxxxxS
17037Secunderabad-Bikaner Express xxTWxxx
Total Alternet Trains: 2

Return Train from Palanpur Junction to Jodhpur Junction

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
19224Jammu Tawi - Ahmedabad Express SMTWTFS
16311Bikaner - Kochuveli Express xxTxxxx
Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU

Train From Palanpur to Jodhpur

Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU Train Number 74838 runs in Palanpur to Jodhpur Route. Above is the complete details about 74838 Arrival Departure Timing, Schedule, Route, Status and Time Table. Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU Stations, Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU platform number, Palanpur - Jodhpur DMU train platform, train route map, train route information, train route status, train route and time, train stops.