Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU Train No 75112

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Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU

Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU Train Number 75112 from Varanasi Junction to Ghazipur City is a DEMU train belonging to Indian Railways in NER/North Eastern Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 23 halts. 25 intermediate Stations between Varanasi Junction and Ghazipur City Covering a total distance of 156 km in 5h 25m time. The Departure time of Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU from Varanasi Junction is 13:35 and arrival time at Ghazipur City is 19:00 . It usually comes on Platform Number -- at Varanasi Junction station and Platform Number 2 at Ghazipur City.

Schedule of Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU

From: BSB Varanasi Junction
To: GCT Ghazipur City
Departs @ 13:35
Arrive @ 19:00
Platform --
Platform 2
Type: DEMU
Zone:NER/North Eastern
Travel Time: 5h 25m
23 halts
Distance: 156 km
Avg Speed: 29 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1BSB Varanasi Junction 13:35--10.03582mNRVaranasi 221002, Uttar Pradesh
2SOP Shivpur 13:4513:46--1m15.86581mNRVaranasi, Uttar Pradesh
3BRPT Birapatti 13:5213:53--1m112.46284mNRRd Varanasi Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
4BTP Babatpur 13:5914:00--1m118.65685mNRSatomahua-Mangari Rd, Uttar Pradesh
5KSF Khalispur 14:1014:11--1m128.05482mNRPhulpur, Uttar Pradesh
6TLMD Trilochan Mahadeo 14:1714:18--1m133.42383mNRNational Highway 56, Uttar Pradesh
7JLL JalalGanj 14:3314:35--2m139.2687mNRJalalganj Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh
8SIQ Sarkoni 15:3215:33--1m145.43982mNRBandipur, Uttar Pradesh
9ZBD Zafarabad Junction 15:4215:43--1m151.21483mNRNational Highway 56, Uttar Pradesh
10JNU Jaunpur Junction 16:1016:20--10m157.74684mNRJaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
11YDV Yadvendranagar 16:2816:2911m163.88688mNERYadvendranagar, Uttar Pradesh
12MFJ Muftiganj 16:3616:38--2m173.85387mNERJaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
13GNGL Gangauli 16:4616:4711m180.93784mNERRailway station near atraura 222142 jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
14KCT Kerakat 16:5516:5611m185.86584mNERnear sh-36 saraibeeru kerakat jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
15DHE Dobhi 17:0417:06--2m194.55485mNERDodhi, Uttar Pradesh
16DDNA Dudhaunda 17:1717:1811m1104.44984mNERAunrihar, Uttar Pradesh
17FRDH Faridaha Halt 17:2417:2511m1109.32082mNERAunrihar, Uttar Pradesh
18ARJ Aunrihar Junction 17:4517:50--5m1116.12479mNERPin- 233221, Uttar Pradesh
19SYH Saiyedpur Bhitri 18:0218:03--1m1120.83284mNERSaidpur, Uttar Pradesh
20TRN Taraon 18:1818:1911m1128.84582mNERTaraon Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh
21BSCK Basuchak 18:2418:2511m1132.65276mNERBasuchak-Rampur Mangha Rd, Uttar Pradesh
22NDJ NandGanj 18:3118:3211m1137.86177mNERNational Highway 29, Uttar Pradesh
23SAHR Saheri 18:3818:3911m1143.94074mNERNational Highway 29, Uttar Pradesh
24AKS Ankuspur 18:4518:4611m1147.93373mNERNational Highway 29, Uttar Pradesh
25GCT Ghazipur City 19:0021155.6-74mNERGhazipur 233001, Uttar Pradesh

Alternate Trains of Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
11065Pawan Express SxTxTxx
15934Amritsar - Dibrugarh Weekly Express xxxxxFx
Total Alternet Trains: 2

Return Train from Varanasi Junction to Ghazipur City

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
15933Dibrugarh - Amritsar Weekly Express xxTxxxx
11066Pawan Express xxTxTxS
Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU

Train From Varanasi to Ghazipur

Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU Train Number 75112 runs in Varanasi to Ghazipur Route. Above is the complete details about 75112 Arrival Departure Timing, Schedule, Route, Status and Time Table. Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU Stations, Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU platform number, Varanasi - Ghazipur City DEMU train platform, train route map, train route information, train route status, train route and time, train stops.