Varanasi City - Bhatni DEMU Train No 75114

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Varanasi City - Bhatni DEMU

Varanasi City - Bhatni DEMU Train Number 75114 from Varanasi City to Bhatni Junction is a DEMU train belonging to Indian Railways in NER/North Eastern Zone. It has started services from Fri Jan 15, 2016. It has 22 halts. 23 intermediate Stations between Varanasi City and Bhatni Junction Covering a total distance of 158 km in 6h 5m time. The Departure time of Varanasi City - Bhatni DEMU from Varanasi City is 13:50 and arrival time at Bhatni Junction is 19:55 . It usually comes on Platform Number 3 at Varanasi City station and Platform Number -- at Bhatni Junction.

Schedule of Varanasi City - Bhatni DEMU

From: BCY Varanasi City
To: BTT Bhatni Junction
Departs @ 13:50
Arrive @ 19:55
Platform 3
Platform --
Type: DEMU
Zone:NER/North Eastern
Travel Time: 6h 5m
22 halts
Distance: 158 km
Avg Speed: 26 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Varanasi City - Bhatni DEMU

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1BCY Varanasi City 13:50310.04376mNERPin:221001, Uttar Pradesh
2SRNT Sarnath 13:5914:0112m16.54680mNERVaranasi, Uttar Pradesh
3KDQ Kadipur 14:1414:1511m116.63884mNERNational Highway 29, Uttar Pradesh
4RJI Rajawari 14:2614:2711m123.64583mNERNational Highway 29, Uttar Pradesh
5ARJ Aunrihar Junction 14:3814:4042m131.91679mNERPin- 233221, Uttar Pradesh
6MHO Mahpur 15:1415:1511m140.81479mNERMahpur Bhimapar Marg, Uttar Pradesh
7SDT Sadat 15:5815:5911m150.72678mNERMahpur Sadat Marg, Uttar Pradesh
8HMPR Hurmujpur Halt 16:1316:1411m156.83675mNERPin:275203, Uttar Pradesh
9JKN Jakhanian 16:2016:2111m160.43282mNERState Highway 67, Uttar Pradesh
10DLR Dullahapur 16:3716:3811m168.82380mNERDullahapur, Uttar Pradesh
11NAKD Naik Dih 16:5016:5111m173.44676mNERState Highway 67, Uttar Pradesh
12PPH Pipri Dih 16:5816:5911m178.84074mNERState Highway 67, Uttar Pradesh
13PNRA Paniara 17:0617:0711m183.53874mNERNational Highway 29, Uttar Pradesh
14MAU Mau Junction 17:1717:30313m189.83674mNERUttar Pradesh 275101, Uttar Pradesh
15IAA Indara Junction 17:4317:45--2m197.64375mNERMau, Uttar Pradesh
16CKYD Chakra Road 17:5317:54--1m1103.32574mNERChakara Road Halt, Uttar Pradesh
17KER Kiriharapur 18:1318:1411m1111.22873mNERKirihrapur, Uttar Pradesh
18GOX Gobindpur Dugli 18:2818:29--1m1117.72776mNERGovindpur Dugauli, Uttar Pradesh
19BLTR Belthara Road 18:4518:47--2m1124.82970mNERBelthara, Uttar Pradesh
20TTI Turtipar 19:0119:02--1m1131.64268mNERMujouna Gawn, Uttar Pradesh
21LRD Lar Road 19:1119:12--1m1137.83275mNERDeoria, Uttar Pradesh
22SRU Salempur Junction 19:3019:31--1m1147.34376mNERSalempur, Uttar Pradesh
23POKL Peokol 19:3819:3911m1152.41980mNERDeoria, Uttar Pradesh
24BTT Bhatni Junction 19:55--1157.6-75mNERJunction Point - SV/GKP/MAU, Uttar Pradesh

Alternate Trains of Varanasi City - Bhatni DEMU

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
15003Chauri Chaura Express SMTWTFS
15104Manduadih - Gorakhpur InterCity Express SMTWTFS
Total Alternet Trains: 2

Return Train from Varanasi City to Bhatni Junction

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
15004Chauri Chaura Express SMTWTFS
15018Kashi Express SMTWTFS
Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Varanasi City - Bhatni DEMU

Train From Varanasi to Bhatni

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