Balharshah Gondia DEMU Train No 78819

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Balharshah Gondia DEMU

Balharshah Gondia DEMU Train Number 78819 from Balharshah Junction to Gondia Junction is a DEMU train belonging to Indian Railways in SECR/South East Central Zone. It has started services from Wed Nov 16, 2011. It has 26 halts. 30 intermediate Stations between Balharshah Junction and Gondia Junction Covering a total distance of 250 km in 7h 40m time. The Departure time of Balharshah Gondia DEMU from Balharshah Junction is 16:40 and arrival time at Gondia Junction is 00:20 +1 night. It usually comes on Platform Number -- at Balharshah Junction station and Platform Number 1,2 at Gondia Junction.

Schedule of Balharshah Gondia DEMU

From: BPQ Balharshah Junction
To: G Gondia Junction
Departs @ 16:40
Arrive @ 00:20 +1 night
Platform --
Platform 1,2
Type: DEMU
Zone:SECR/South East Central
Travel Time: 7h 40m
26 halts
Distance: 250 km
Avg Speed: 33 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Balharshah Gondia DEMU

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1BPQ Balharshah Junction 16:40--10.039185mCRBalharshah 442901, Maharashtra
2CAF Chanda Fort 16:5718:10173m111.180191mSECRDistrict Chandrapur, Maharashtra
3KEZ Kelzar 18:3118:32--1m139.044192mSECRChandrapur, Maharashtra
4TWI Tolewahi Halt 18:4018:4111m144.972194mSECRChandrapur, Maharashtra
5MME Mul Marora 18:4718:48--1m152.160202mSECRRly Stn Road, Maharashtra
6ROL Rajoli 19:0519:06--1m169.067206mSECRRajoli, Maharashtra
7SYE Sindewahi 19:1819:20--2m182.352226mSECRBhendala, Maharashtra
8AWH Alewahi 19:3019:31--1m190.943239mSECRDist. Chandrapur, Maharashtra
9TUD Talodhi Road 19:4719:48--1m1102.560258mSECR441221, Maharashtra
10MWG Mindala 19:5819:59--1m1112.531256mSECRDist. Chandrapur 441205, Maharashtra
11NAB Nagbhir Junction 20:1020:40--30m1118.266250mSECRNagbhir, Maharashtra
12KMMD Kirmiti Mendha 20:4720:4811m1125.974249mSECRDist. Chandrapur 441206, Maharashtra
13BMP Bramhapuri 20:5620:57--1m1135.937226mSECRDist. Chandrapur 441206, Maharashtra
14CCBG Chicholi Buzurg 21:0521:0611m1140.818222mSECRWadsa, Maharashtra
15WSA Wadsa 21:2521:30--5m1146.673230mSECRDistrict Chandrapur, Maharashtra
16ARNG Arunnagar 21:3821:3911m1156.348240mSECRWadsa, Maharashtra
17WDG Wadegaon 21:4721:48--1m1162.741252mSECR441701, Maharashtra
18AJU Arjuni 21:5922:00--1m1170.149244mSECRDist. Gondia 441701, Maharashtra
19BFF Barabhati 22:0822:0911m1176.762267mSECRDist. Gondia 441702, Maharashtra
20DEW Dewalgaon 22:1522:16--1m1183.065279mSECRWadsa Road, Maharashtra
21GMI Gond Umri 22:2822:2911m1196.159266mSECRDist. Gondia 441806, Maharashtra
22SNV Sondad 22:3622:37--1m1202.960269mSECRNational Highway 6 Sondad, Maharashtra
23KSIH Khodseoni 22:4622:4711m1212.068287mSECRDist. Gondia 441801, Maharashtra
24GNL Gonglee 22:5422:55--1m1219.956294mSECRGondia 441801, Maharashtra
25PQH Pindkepar Halt 23:0723:0811m1231.152342mSECRDist. Gondia, Maharashtra
26HDM Hirdamali 23:1323:14--1m1235.448334mSECRDist. Gondia 441801, Maharashtra
27GKT Gankhera Halt 23:2123:2211m1241.09320mSECRGondia District, Maharashtra
28G Gondia Junction 00:201,22250.0-319mSECRGondia 441601, Maharashtra

Alternate Trains of Balharshah Gondia DEMU

Total Alternet Trains: 2

Return Train from Balharshah Junction to Gondia Junction

Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Balharshah Gondia DEMU

Train From Balharshah to Gondia

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