SC REWA Train No 99963

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SC REWA Train Number 99963 from Secunderabad Junction to Rewa (Terminal) is a Mail/Express train belonging to Indian Railways in OTHER/other Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 41 halts. 203 intermediate Stations between Secunderabad Junction and Rewa (Terminal) Covering a total distance of 1513 km in 33h 10m time. The Departure time of SC REWA from Secunderabad Junction is 22:50 and arrival time at Rewa (Terminal) is 08:00 +2 nights. It usually comes on Platform Number -- at Secunderabad Junction station and Platform Number -- at Rewa (Terminal).

Schedule of SC REWA

From: SC Secunderabad Junction
To: REWA Rewa (Terminal)
Departs @ 22:50
Arrive @ 08:00 +2 nights
Platform --
Platform --
Type: Mail/Express
Travel Time: 33h 10m
41 halts
Distance: 1513 km
Avg Speed: 46 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of SC REWA

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1SC Secunderabad Junction 22:50--10.070539mSCRSecunderabad 500003, Telangana
2BG Bhongir 23:3023:40--10m146.497455mSCRYadadri-Bhuvanagiri Dist., Telangana
3ZN Jangaon 00:0300:05--2m283.644380mSCRJangaon Distt., Telangana
4KZJ Kazipet Junction 01:1001:30--20m2131.694291mSCRWarangal Dist., Telangana
5JMKT Jammikunta 01:5301:55--2m2167.695242mSCRKarimnagar Dist., Telangana
6PDPL Peddapalli Junction 02:2002:22--2m2207.050230mSCRPeddapalli Dist., Telangana
7RDM Ramagundam 02:4302:45--2m2224.664170mSCRPeddapalli Dist. Ph : 08728 - 255237, Telangana
8MCI Manchiryal 02:5803:00--2m2238.466159mSCRManchiryal Dist., Telangana
9BPA Bellampalli 03:1803:20--2m2258.061204mSCRTel:.08735 223298, Telangana
10SKZR Sirpur Kaghaznagar 03:5804:00--2m2296.752184mSCRKomaram Bheem Asifabad Dist., Telangana
11BPQ Balharshah Junction 05:2005:30--10m2366.643185mCRBalharshah 442901, Maharashtra
12CD Chandrapur 05:4905:50--1m2380.363194mCRChandrapur 442401, Maharashtra
13BUX Bhandak 06:1306:14--1m2404.563208mCRChandrapur, Maharashtra
14WRR Warora 06:3506:36--1m2426.678215mCRWarora, Maharashtra
15HGT Hinganghat 07:0607:07--1m2465.744229mCRHinganghat, Maharashtra
16SEGM Sewagram Junction 07:5207:53--1m2498.877279mCRWardha, Maharashtra
17SNI Sindi 08:1608:17--1m2528.278249mCRWardha, Maharashtra
18AJNI Ajni (Nagpur) 08:5108:52--1m2572.18309mCRNagpur 440003, Maharashtra
19NGP Nagpur Junction 09:1509:25--10m2575.070315mCRNagpur 440001, Maharashtra
20KATL Katol 10:1710:18--1m2636.061421mCRKatol. District Nagpur, Maharashtra
21NRKR Narkher Junction 10:4310:44--1m2661.361411mCRDistrict Nagpur, Maharashtra
22PAR Pandhurna 11:0211:03--1m2679.549478mCRDistt: Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh
23MTY Multai 11:5311:55--2m2720.265757mCRMultai, Madhya Pradesh
24AMLA Amla Junction 12:1612:18--2m2742.873733mCR(M.P.) 460551, Madhya Pradesh
25BZU Betul 12:3712:39--2m2765.953643mCRBetul-460001, Madhya Pradesh
26GDYA Ghoradongri 13:2013:22--2m2801.851407mCRBetul, Madhya Pradesh
27ET Itarsi Junction 14:4514:55--10m2872.257329mWCRDistrict Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
28HBD Hoshangabad 15:1415:15--1m2890.359309mWCRHoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
29HBJ Bhopal HabibGanj 16:2416:25--1m2957.919496mWCRHabibGanj, Madhya Pradesh
30BPL Bhopal Junction 16:4516:50--5m2964.180497mWCR462001, Madhya Pradesh
31BHS Vidisha 17:3017:32--2m21017.588431mWCRVidisha, Madhya Pradesh
32BAQ Ganj Basoda 17:5918:00--1m21057.061417mWCRDistrict Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh
33MABA Mandi Bamora 18:2818:30--2m21085.426413mWCRState Highway 14 District Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh
34BINA Bina Junction 19:1019:15--5m21102.84413mWCRBina District Saugor, Madhya Pradesh
35KYE Khurai 00:4600:48--2m31124.667440mWCRKhurai District Saugor, Madhya Pradesh
36SGO Saugor 01:3501:40--5m31177.469519mWCRMP 470001, Madhya Pradesh
37PHA Patharia 02:2402:26--2m31228.383384mWCRState Highway 14, Madhya Pradesh
38DMO Damoh 02:4502:50--5m31254.463365mWCRDamoh M.P., Madhya Pradesh
39KTE Katni Junction 04:3504:45--10m31365.382387mWCRKatni (M.P.) 483501, Madhya Pradesh
40MYR Maihar 05:3105:33--2m31428.266353mWCRMaihar Railway Station, Madhya Pradesh
41UHR Unchhera 05:4605:48--2m31442.547333mWCRUnchhera, Madhya Pradesh
42STA Satna Junction 06:1506:25--10m31463.731322mWCRSatna, Madhya Pradesh
43REWA Rewa (Terminal) 08:00--31512.9-306mWCRRewa 486002, Madhya Pradesh

Alternate Trains of SC REWA

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
No Data
Total Alternet Trains: 0

Return Train from Secunderabad Junction to Rewa (Terminal)

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
No Data
Total Return Trains: 0

Coach Postion of SC REWA

Train From Secunderabad to Rewa

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