Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special Train No 07882

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Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special

Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special Train Number 07882 from Tuni to Kotipalli is a DEMU train belonging to Indian Railways in SCR/South Central Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 19 halts. 21 intermediate Stations between Tuni and Kotipalli Covering a total distance of 111 km in 28h 15m time. The Departure time of Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special from Tuni is 05:45 and arrival time at Kotipalli is 10:00. It usually comes on Platform Number -- at Tuni station and Platform Number 1 at Kotipalli.

Schedule of Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special

From: TUNI Tuni
To: KPLH Kotipalli
Departs @ 05:45
Arrive @ 10:00
Platform --
Platform 1
Type: DEMU
Zone:SCR/South Central
Travel Time: 28h 15m
19 halts
Distance: 111 km
Avg Speed: 4 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1TUNI Tuni 05:45--10.05024mSCRTuni ph.no. 08854-252172, Andhra Pradesh
2HVM Hamsavaram 05:5505:56--1m18.43047mSCRHamsavaram, Andhra Pradesh
3TMPM Timmapuram 06:0506:06--1m112.92528mSCRNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
4ANV Annavaram 06:1506:20--5m116.64628mSCREast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
5RVD Ravikampadu 06:2906:30--1m123.63427mSCREast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
6DGDG Durgada Gate 06:3506:36--1m126.56223mSCREast Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
7GLP Gollaprolu 06:4506:46--1m135.72916mSCRGollaprollu, Andhra Pradesh
8PAP Pithapuram 06:5807:00--2m141.54817mSCREast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
9SLO Samalkot Junction 07:1507:25--10m153.53718mSCRSamalkot, Andhra Pradesh
10CCT Kakinada Town Junction 07:4508:00--15m166.04210mSCREast Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
11KOVH Kovvada 08:0808:0911m171.53011mSCRSamalkota, Andhra Pradesh
12AKAH Artalakatta 08:1808:1911m176.1454mSCRKakinada Rd, Andhra Pradesh
13KRAP Karapa 08:2508:2611m180.7277mSCRKarapa, Andhra Pradesh
14VH Vakada 08:3308:3411m183.8386mSCRNarasapurapupeta, Andhra Pradesh
15VGH Velangi 08:4008:4111m187.6185mSCRNarasapurapupeta, Andhra Pradesh
16NSPH Narasapurapupeta 08:5008:5111m190.3407mSCRNarasapurapupeta, Andhra Pradesh
17RBCS Ramachandrapuram 09:0009:02--2m196.3106mSCRRamachandrapuram, Andhra Pradesh
18DKSA Draksharama 09:3009:40110m1100.909mSCRDraksharamam, Andhra Pradesh
19KDUH Kunduru 09:2009:2111m1104.62610mSCRKunduru, Andhra Pradesh
20GVMH Gangavaram 09:2909:3011m1108.167mSCRGangavararam, Andhra Pradesh
21KPLH Kotipalli 10:0011111.2-7mSCRKotipalli, Andhra Pradesh

Alternate Trains of Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
No Data
Total Alternet Trains: 0

Return Train from Tuni to Kotipalli

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
07883Kotipalli - Tuni Pushkaram Special SxTWTFS
Total Return Trains: 1

Coach Postion of Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special


Train From Tuni to Kotipalli

Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special Train Number 07882 runs in Tuni to Kotipalli Route. Above is the complete details about 07882 Arrival Departure Timing, Schedule, Route, Status and Time Table. Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special Stations, Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special platform number, Tuni - Kotipalli Pushkaram Special train platform, train route map, train route information, train route status, train route and time, train stops.