Doon Express Train No 13009-Slip

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Doon Express

Doon Express Train Number 13009-Slip from Howrah Junction to Haridwar is a Mail/Express train belonging to Indian Railways in ER/Eastern Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 72 halts. 278 intermediate Stations between Howrah Junction and Haridwar Covering a total distance of 1511 km in 32h 15m time. The Departure time of Doon Express from Howrah Junction is 20:30 and arrival time at Haridwar is 04:45 +2 nights. It usually comes on Platform Number 8 at Howrah Junction station and Platform Number -- at Haridwar.

Schedule of Doon Express

From: HWH Howrah Junction
To: HW Haridwar
Departs @ 20:30
Arrive @ 04:45 +2 nights
Platform 8
Platform --
Type: Mail/Express
Travel Time: 32h 15m
72 halts
Distance: 1511 km
Avg Speed: 47 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Doon Express

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1HWH Howrah Junction 20:30810.04110mERHowrah 711101, West Bengal
2SRP Shrirampur (Serampore) 20:5921:0031m119.64011mERHooghly Pin:- 712201, West Bengal
3CGR Chandan Nagar 21:2021:2131m132.82716mERDist -HOOGHLY - 712136, West Bengal
4BDC Bandel Junction 21:3621:4115m139.57514mERDist - Hooghly 712123, West Bengal
5BWN Barddhaman Junction 22:3522:4025m1107.08237mER713103, West Bengal
6PAN Panagarh 23:1523:16--1m1154.96269mERKaksa, West Bengal
7DGR Durgapur 23:3123:3332m1170.58077mER713201, West Bengal
8RNG RaniGanj 23:5123:52--1m1194.661100mERWest Bengal 713347, West Bengal
9ASN Asansol Junction 00:1000:15--5m2212.954114mERDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
10BRR Barakar 00:3400:35--1m2230.149132mERDist. Bardhaman, West Bengal
11DHN Dhanbad Junction 01:2501:30--5m2271.271236mECRRailway inquiry - 0326-2319801, Jharkhand
12GMO Netaji SC Bose Junction Gomoh 01:5502:05310m2301.077240mECRJharkhand, Jharkhand
13PNME Parasnath 02:1902:24--5m2319.090281mECRGiridih 06532-233419, Jharkhand
14HZD Hazaribagh Road 02:4202:44--2m2346.173331mECRHazaribagh, Jharkhand
15PSB Parsabad 03:0203:04--2m2368.188345mECRNational Highway 2, Jharkhand
16KQR Koderma Junction 03:2203:25--3m2394.564399mECR06534-222410 Koderma, Jharkhand
17PRP Paharpur 04:0604:08--2m2438.268155mECRGaya, Bihar
18TKN Tankuppa 04:1904:21--2m2450.735127mECRState Highway 70, Bihar
19GAYA Gaya Junction 04:5505:00--5m2470.665115mECR0631-2220283, Bihar
20GRRU Guraru 05:2005:21--1m2492.274113mECR824118, Bihar
21RFJ RafiGanj 05:3405:35--1m2508.365102mECRRafiganj, Bihar
22JHN Jakhim 05:4505:46--1m2519.26093mECRbel Rd, Bihar
23PES Phesar 05:5705:58--1m2530.360104mECRBihar 824121, Bihar
24AUBR Anugraha Narayan Road 06:0706:0821m2539.265104mECR06186-285271, Bihar
25SEB Son Nagar Junction 06:1806:19--1m2550.038110mECRPin:824112, Bihar
26DOS Dehri On Sone 06:2806:30--2m2555.876113mECRRohtas(06184-253154), Bihar
27SSM Sasaram Junction 06:4406:4521m2573.676110mECR06184-222051, Bihar
28KTQ Kudra 07:0507:06--1m2598.97992mECR821101, Bihar
29BBU Bhabua Road 07:2307:24--1m2621.26780mECR06187-222222, Bihar
30DGO Durgauti 07:3207:33--1m2630.14678mECRDistt Kaimur, Bihar
31KMS Karamnasa 07:4807:49--1m2641.76977mECR821105, Uttar Pradesh
32SYJ Saidraja 07:5607:57--1m2649.85781mECRSaiyedraja, Uttar Pradesh
33CDMR Chandauli Majhwar 08:0608:07--1m2658.31579mECR232104, Uttar Pradesh
34MGS Mughal Sarai Junction 09:1709:37--20m2675.63084mECRDistt: Chandauli Pin 232101, Uttar Pradesh
35KEI Kashi 10:0210:0311m2688.31982mNRVaranasi, Uttar Pradesh
36BSB Varanasi Junction 10:2010:30510m2693.76282mNRVaranasi 221002, Uttar Pradesh
37BTP Babatpur 10:4810:49--1m2712.36285mNRSatomahua-Mangari Rd, Uttar Pradesh
38KSF Khalispur 10:5810:59--1m2721.66282mNRPhulpur, Uttar Pradesh
39JLL JalalGanj 11:1011:11--1m2732.94887mNRJalalganj Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh
40ZBD Zafarabad Junction 11:2611:27--1m2744.93583mNRNational Highway 56, Uttar Pradesh
41JNU Jaunpur Junction 11:3811:4012m2751.45184mNRJaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
42SHG Shahganj Junction 12:1912:24--5m2784.86090mNR223101, Uttar Pradesh
43BWI Bilwai 12:3512:3611m2795.86491mNRBilwai, Uttar Pradesh
44MLPR Malipur 12:4912:50--1m2809.86392mNRMalipur, Uttar Pradesh
45ABP Akbarpur Junction 13:0813:10--2m2828.78492mNRAkbarpur, Uttar Pradesh
46GGJ GoshainGanj 13:2613:27--1m2851.07098mNRGoshainganj, Uttar Pradesh
47AY Ayodhya Junction 13:5413:5511m2882.82599mNRAyodhya, Uttar Pradesh
48ACND Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar 14:0614:07--1m2887.310104mNRFaizabad, Uttar Pradesh
49FD Faizabad Junction 14:2214:2715m2889.846104mNRFaizabad, Uttar Pradesh
50SLW Sohwal 14:4714:48--1m2905.172107mNRFaizabad Rd, Uttar Pradesh
51RDL Rudauli 15:0715:08--1m2927.946109mNRRudauli Dist-Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh
52DYD Daryabad 15:3815:39--1m2951.026116mNRFaizabad Rd, Uttar Pradesh
53SGJ SafdarGanj 16:2416:25--1m2970.926120mNRFaizabad Rd, Uttar Pradesh
54BBK Barabanki Junction 17:0717:0811m2989.327123mNRUttar Pradesh., Uttar Pradesh
55LKO Lucknow Charbagh NR 18:1018:25515m21017.651124mNRLucknow 226004, Uttar Pradesh
56SAN Sandila 19:2219:2422m21066.267134mNRSandila, Uttar Pradesh
57BLM Balamau Junction 19:4219:4422m21086.3124138mNRRoza, Uttar Pradesh
58HRI Hardoi 20:0020:13113m21119.477145mNRHardoi 241001, Uttar Pradesh
59AJI Anjhi Shahabad 20:3820:40--2m21151.648149mNRAnjhi Shahabad, Uttar Pradesh
60ROZA Roza Junction 21:0921:11--2m21174.838157mNRPin Code:-242001, Uttar Pradesh
61SPN Shahjahanpur 21:2321:2532m21182.473157mNRShahjahanpur Pin Code:242001, Uttar Pradesh
62TLH Tilhar 21:4021:42--2m21200.675161mNRTilhar, Uttar Pradesh
63PMR Pitambarpur 22:0822:10--2m21233.054170mNRPitambarpur, Uttar Pradesh
64BE Bareilly Junction 22:3222:3725m21252.973174mNRUttar Pradesh 243003, Uttar Pradesh
65NRS Nagaria Sadat 23:0323:0512m21284.665178mNRNagaria Sadat, Uttar Pradesh
66RMU Rampur Junction 23:3423:35--1m21316.036191mNRRampur, Uttar Pradesh
67MB Moradabad Junction 00:2000:30210m31343.269197mNRMoradabad, Uttar Pradesh
68SEO Seohara 01:1001:12--2m31389.249228mNRSeohara, Uttar Pradesh
69DPR Dhampur 01:2901:3011m31403.056236mNR246761, Uttar Pradesh
70NGG Nagina 01:4801:50--2m31419.754248mNRNagina, Uttar Pradesh
71NBD Najibabad Junction 02:1502:2025m31442.031268mNRNajibabad, Uttar Pradesh
72LRJ Laksar Junction 03:4003:45--5m31483.743238mNRLaksar, Uttarakhand
73JWP Jwalapur 04:1704:18--1m31506.79291mNRHaridwar, Uttarakhand
74HW Haridwar 04:45--31510.7-294mNRHaridwar, Uttarakhand

Alternate Trains of Doon Express

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
13009Doon Express SMTWTFS
12327Upasana Express xxTxxFx
Total Alternet Trains: 2

Return Train from Howrah Junction to Haridwar

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
13010Doon Express SMTWTFS
12328Upasana Express xxxWxxS
Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Doon Express


Train From Howrah to Haridwar

Doon Express Train Number 13009-Slip runs in Howrah to Haridwar Route. Above is the complete details about 13009-Slip Arrival Departure Timing, Schedule, Route, Status and Time Table. Doon Express Stations, Doon Express platform number, Doon Express train platform, train route map, train route information, train route status, train route and time, train stops.