Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip Train No 21028

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Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip

Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip Train Number 21028 from Solapur to Gondia Junction is a Mail/Express train belonging to Indian Railways in CR/Central Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 40 halts. 146 intermediate Stations between Solapur and Gondia Junction Covering a total distance of 1132 km in 25h 55m time. The Departure time of Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip from Solapur is 18:20 and arrival time at Gondia Junction is 20:15 +1 night. It usually comes on Platform Number 1 at Solapur station and Platform Number 5 at Gondia Junction.

Schedule of Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip

From: SUR Solapur
To: G Gondia Junction
Departs @ 18:20
Arrive @ 20:15 +1 night
Platform 1
Platform 5
Type: Mail/Express
Travel Time: 25h 55m
40 halts
Distance: 1132 km
Avg Speed: 44 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1SUR Solapur 18:20110.071461mCRSolapur 413001, Maharashtra
2MO Mohol 18:4818:5012m133.175457mCRSolapur, Maharashtra
3MA Madha 19:1419:1612m163.050481mCRSolapur, Maharashtra
4KWV Kurduvadi Junction 19:3519:3722m178.864516mCRDist-Solapur, Maharashtra
5KEM Kem 19:5419:5612m196.957548mCRKem, Maharashtra
6JEUR Jeur 20:1320:1512m1113.158526mCRJeur, Maharashtra
7BGVN Bhigwan 21:0321:0512m1159.137509mCRDist. Pune, Maharashtra
8DD Daund Junction 21:5001:104A,6200m1186.958520mCRNew Daund Dist. Pune 413801, Maharashtra
9ANG Ahmadnagar 02:3702:4013m2271.059651mCRAhmednagar 414001, Maharashtra
10BAP Belapur 03:4803:5012m2338.367539mCRShrirampur, Maharashtra
11PB Puntamba Junction 04:0804:1012m2358.370500mCRpuntamba, Maharashtra
12KPG Kopargaon 04:3104:3312m2382.627508mCRKopargaon 423601, Maharashtra
13YL Yeola 05:0305:0512m2396.326553mCRYeola, Maharashtra
14MMR Manmad Junction 06:1006:151,45m2424.984582mCRManmad 423104, Maharashtra
15NGN Nandgaon 06:3306:3522m2450.290475mCR423106, Maharashtra
16CSN Chalisgaon Junction 07:0307:0522m2492.296351mCRChalisgaon 424101, Maharashtra
17PC Pachora Junction 07:3307:3522m2537.175264mCRPachora 424201, Maharashtra
18JL Jalgaon Junction 08:1308:1512m2584.941212mCRJalgaon 425001, Maharashtra
19BSL Bhusaval Junction 08:5009:00410m2609.157209mCRBhusaval 425201, Maharashtra
20BDWD Bodwad 09:3209:34--2m2639.384295mCRBodwad, Maharashtra
21MKU Malkapur 09:4809:50--2m2658.984252mCRMalkapur, Maharashtra
22NN Nandura 10:1010:1212m2686.966268mCRNandura, Maharashtra
23JM Jalamb Junction 10:2310:25--2m2699.157276mCRJalamb Dist Buldana, Maharashtra
24SEG Shegaon 10:3810:4022m2711.564281mCRShegaon Dist Buldana 444203, Maharashtra
25AK Akola Junction 11:1511:2025m2748.580284mCRAkola-444001, Maharashtra
26MZR Murtizapur Junction 11:4811:5022m2785.736303mCRMurtajapur, Maharashtra
27BD Badnera Junction (Amravati) 13:0013:0515m2827.570335mCRAmravati 444701, Maharashtra
28CND Chandur 13:3013:32--2m2856.576332mCRAmravati Distt, Maharashtra
29DMN Dhamangaon 13:4513:47--2m2873.180300mCRDhamangaon, Maharashtra
30PLO Pulgaon Junction 14:0214:0412m2893.047273mCRPulgaon, Maharashtra
31WR Wardha Junction 14:4214:45--3m2922.631288mCRWardha 442001, Maharashtra
32SEGM Sewagram Junction 14:5014:52--2m2925.280279mCRWardha, Maharashtra
33TGP Tuljapur 15:0815:10--2m2946.569259mCRTuljapur, Maharashtra
34SNI Sindi 15:1715:19--2m2954.660249mCRWardha, Maharashtra
35AJNI Ajni (Nagpur) 16:0316:05--2m2998.52309mCRNagpur 440003, Maharashtra
36NGP Nagpur Junction 17:2017:40520m21001.527315mCRNagpur 440001, Maharashtra
37ITR Itwari Junction 17:4917:51--2m21005.530304mSECRNagpur, Maharashtra
38KP Kamptee 18:1218:14--2m21016.096289mSECRKamptee, Maharashtra
39BRD Bhandara Road 18:4418:4612m21063.878265mSECRState Highway 252 Bhandara District, Maharashtra
40TMR Tumsar Road Junction 19:0019:0212m21081.980266mSECRDistt. Bhandara, Maharashtra
41TRO Tirora 19:1719:1912m21102.032282mSECRDist Gondia, Maharashtra
42G Gondia Junction 20:15521131.7-319mSECRGondia 441601, Maharashtra

Alternate Trains of Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
No Data
Total Alternet Trains: 0

Return Train from Solapur to Gondia Junction

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
11040-SlipGondia-Solapur Maharashtra Express Slip 2 SMTWTFS
Total Return Trains: 1

Coach Postion of Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip


Train From Solapur to Gondia

Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip Train Number 21028 runs in Solapur to Gondia Route. Above is the complete details about 21028 Arrival Departure Timing, Schedule, Route, Status and Time Table. Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip Stations, Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip platform number, Solapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express Slip train platform, train route map, train route information, train route status, train route and time, train stops.