Chikjajur - Hubballi Passenger Train No 56915

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Chikjajur - Hubballi Passenger

Chikjajur - Hubballi Passenger Train Number 56915 from Chikjajur Junction to Hubballi Junction (Hubli) is a Passenger train belonging to Indian Railways in SWR/South Western Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 20 halts. 22 intermediate Stations between Chikjajur Junction and Hubballi Junction (Hubli) Covering a total distance of 190 km in 4h 55m time. The Departure time of Chikjajur - Hubballi Passenger from Chikjajur Junction is 04:15 and arrival time at Hubballi Junction (Hubli) is 09:10 . It usually comes on Platform Number -- at Chikjajur Junction station and Platform Number -- at Hubballi Junction (Hubli).

Schedule of Chikjajur - Hubballi Passenger

From: JRU Chikjajur Junction
To: UBL Hubballi Junction (Hubli)
Departs @ 04:15
Arrive @ 09:10
Platform --
Platform --
Type: Passenger
Zone:SWR/South Western
Travel Time: 4h 55m
20 halts
Distance: 190 km
Avg Speed: 39 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Chikjajur - Hubballi Passenger

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1JRU Chikjajur Junction 04:15--10.076677mSWRChikkajajur, Karnataka
2SLU Sasalu 04:2304:2512m110.160659mSWRState Highway 47, Karnataka
3MYK Mayakonda 04:3304:34--1m118.155646mSWRState Highway 47, Karnataka
4KAG Kodaganur 04:4304:4411m126.359633mSWRState Highway 47, Karnataka
5HNH Hanumanahalli 04:4904:5011m131.240621mSWRHiretogaleri, Karnataka
6THN Tolahunse 04:5905:00--1m137.247615mSWRTholahunase, Karnataka
7DVG Davangere 05:1205:14--2m146.648597mSWRDavanagere, Karnataka
8HRR Harihar 05:3005:35--5m159.342553mSWRHarihar, Karnataka
9CLI Chalgeri 05:4905:50--1m169.258574mSWRChalageri, Karnataka
10RNR Ranibennur 06:0406:06--2m182.745583mSWRRanebennur, Karnataka
11DAD Devargudda 06:1706:18--1m190.947589mSWRDevaragudda, Karnataka
12BYD Byadgi 06:3106:32--1m1101.133632mSWRHaveri District, Karnataka
13HVR Haveri 06:5807:00--2m1115.2106558mSWRHaveri, Karnataka
14KJG Karajgi 07:0407:05--1m1122.346550mSWRhaveri, Karnataka
15KVS Kalsur 07:1107:1211m1126.841541mSWRdist Haveri, Karnataka
16SVNR Savanur 07:2407:25--1m1135.137584mSWRDist. Haveri, Karnataka
17YLG Yalvigi 07:3907:40--1m1143.661621mSWRYalvigi, Karnataka
18KALS Kalas Halt 07:4607:4711m1149.727663mSWRState Highway 6, Karnataka
19GDI Gudgeri 07:5908:00--1m1155.148689mSWRGudgeri, Karnataka
20SNH Saunshi 08:1408:15--1m1166.336634mSWRSaunshi, Karnataka
21KNO Kundgol 08:2908:30--1m1174.724636mSWRKundgol Dist. Hubbali, Karnataka
22UBL Hubballi Junction (Hubli) 09:10--1190.4-640mSWRTel: 0836 - 2266702, Karnataka

Alternate Trains of Chikjajur - Hubballi Passenger

Total Alternet Trains: 2

Return Train from Chikjajur Junction to Hubballi Junction (Hubli)

Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Chikjajur - Hubballi Passenger

Train From Chikjajur to Hubballi

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