Bhind - Kota Passenger Train No 59822

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Bhind - Kota Passenger

Bhind - Kota Passenger Train Number 59822 from Bhind to Kota Junction is a Passenger train belonging to Indian Railways in WCR/West Central Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 30 halts. 53 intermediate Stations between Bhind and Kota Junction Covering a total distance of 493 km in 15h 5m time. The Departure time of Bhind - Kota Passenger from Bhind is 18:10 and arrival time at Kota Junction is 09:15 +1 night. It usually comes on Platform Number 4 at Bhind station and Platform Number 3 at Kota Junction.

Schedule of Bhind - Kota Passenger

From: BIX Bhind
To: KOTA Kota Junction
Departs @ 18:10
Arrive @ 09:15 +1 night
Platform 4
Platform 3
Type: Passenger
Zone:WCR/West Central
Travel Time: 15h 5m
30 halts
Distance: 493 km
Avg Speed: 33 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Bhind - Kota Passenger

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1BIX Bhind 18:10410.048151mNCRBhind, Madhya Pradesh
2AXK Asokhar 18:3218:3412m117.839159mNCRDistrict: Bhind, Madhya Pradesh
3SONI Soni 18:4318:4512m123.650157mNCRStation road Soni distt. Bhind, Madhya Pradesh
4SCN Sondha Road 18:5418:5612m131.149159mNCRNational Highway 92, Madhya Pradesh
5GOA Gohad Road 19:0619:0812m139.340160mNCRStation road Gohad distt. Bhind, Madhya Pradesh
6NNE Nonera 19:2519:2712m150.644162mNCRDistrict: Bhind, Madhya Pradesh
7MLAR Malanpur 19:3519:37--2m156.537167mNCRNational Highway 3, Madhya Pradesh
8RAKL Rethorakalan 19:4319:4512m160.232174mNCRStation road Rethorakalan Distt. Morena, Madhya Pradesh
9SAC Sanichara 19:5219:5412m163.956191mNCRVillage- Aiti distt. Morena, Madhya Pradesh
10BBY Bhadroli 20:0220:0412m171.352191mNCRGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
11BLNR Birlanagar Junction 20:1320:15--2m179.27205mNCRJN Point Etawah/Gwalior/Agra, Madhya Pradesh
12GWL Gwalior Junction 20:4020:50410m182.047213mNCRGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
13SVPI Shivpuri 23:2823:3012m1206.764478mWCRShivpuri, Madhya Pradesh
14BDWS Badarwas 00:2000:2212m2259.945452mWCRBadarwas, Madhya Pradesh
15MINA Miyana 00:4600:4812m2277.914474mWCRGuna, Madhya Pradesh
16GUNA Guna Junction 03:0003:20--20m2308.832477mWCR473001, Madhya Pradesh
17MUGA Mahugara 03:3403:36--2m2316.332500mWCRRuthiyai, Madhya Pradesh
18RTA Ruthiyai Junction 04:0004:10--10m2329.279415mWCR473110, Madhya Pradesh
19CRKR Chaurakheri 04:1504:1712m2335.841407mWCRChaurakher, Rajasthan
20BLO Bhulon 04:4804:49--1m2357.032367mWCRIndia, Rajasthan
21CAG Chhabra Gugor 05:1005:12--2m2368.445345mWCRAcholi, Rajasthan
22SYL Salpura 05:3305:3512m2384.047312mWCRKawari, Rajasthan
23ATRU Atru 05:5305:5512m2398.052288mWCRAtru, Rajasthan
24POR Piplod Road 06:0306:0512m2404.974278mWCRBaren, Rajasthan
25CJW Chajawa 06:1306:1512m2414.825274mWCRBaren, Rajasthan
26BAZ Baran 06:4506:50--5m2427.383263mWCRBaran, Rajasthan
27BJK Bijora 06:5907:01--2m2439.754261mWCRIndia, Rajasthan
28ATH Antah 07:1107:13--2m2448.870249mWCRAntah, Rajasthan
29BON Bhonra 07:2607:28--2m2463.953249mWCRKota, Rajasthan
30DXD Digod 07:4307:4512m2477.281256mWCRKota, Rajasthan
31CDSL Chandresal 07:5107:53--2m2485.46249mWCRKota, Rajasthan
32KOTA Kota Junction 09:1532493.4-256mWCR324001, Rajasthan

Alternate Trains of Bhind - Kota Passenger

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
No Data
Total Alternet Trains: 0

Return Train from Bhind to Kota Junction

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
297WCKota Bhind Passenger SMTWTFS
59821Kota - Bhind Passenger SMTWTFS
Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Bhind - Kota Passenger

Train From Bhind to Kota

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