Miryalaguda - Kacheguda DEMU Train No 77678

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Miryalaguda - Kacheguda DEMU

Miryalaguda - Kacheguda DEMU Train Number 77678 from Miryalaguda to Hyderabad Kacheguda is a DEMU train belonging to Indian Railways in SCR/South Central Zone. It has started services from Fri Nov 11, 2011. It has 15 halts. 24 intermediate Stations between Miryalaguda and Hyderabad Kacheguda Covering a total distance of 154 km in 3h 40m time. The Departure time of Miryalaguda - Kacheguda DEMU from Miryalaguda is 05:40 and arrival time at Hyderabad Kacheguda is 09:20 . It usually comes on Platform Number -- at Miryalaguda station and Platform Number 4 at Hyderabad Kacheguda.

Schedule of Miryalaguda - Kacheguda DEMU

From: MRGA Miryalaguda
To: KCG Hyderabad Kacheguda
Departs @ 05:40
Arrive @ 09:20
Platform --
Platform 4
Type: DEMU
Zone:SCR/South Central
Travel Time: 3h 40m
15 halts
Distance: 154 km
Avg Speed: 42 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Miryalaguda - Kacheguda DEMU

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1MRGA Miryalaguda 05:40--10.077152mSCRNalgonda Dist, Telangana
2TPPI Tipparthi 05:5605:57--1m120.461185mSCRNalgonda Dist, Telangana
3NLDA Nalgonda 06:1406:15--1m137.657222mSCRNaglonda Dist., Telangana
4SRMR ShriRampuram 06:2606:2711m148.169256mSCRNalgonda Dist, Telangana
5CTYL Chityala 06:4106:4211m164.352311mSCRNalgonda Dist, Telangana
6RMNP Ramannapet 06:5106:5211m172.070323mSCRNalgonda Dist, Telangana
7VLG Valigonda 07:0307:0411m184.961319mSCRNalgonda Dist, Telangana
8NRDP Nagireddipalli 07:1407:1511m195.034365mSCRNalgonda Dist. 08685-271599, Telangana
9BN Bibinagar 07:4907:5011m1114.485447mSCRYadadri-Bhuvanagiri Dist., Telangana
10GT Ghatkesar 07:5908:0011m1127.353478mSCRMedchal-Malkajgiri Dist., Telangana
11CHZ Charlapalli 08:0908:1011m1135.215525mSCRMedchal Dist., Telangana
12MJF Malkajgiri Junction 08:4908:5021m1144.924534mSCRTel: 040-27058035, Telangana
13STPD Sitafalmandi 08:5909:0041m1148.634530mSCRTel:040-27503865, Telangana
14ATC Arts College 09:0209:03--1m1149.743519mSCRTel:040-27090670, Telangana
15JOO Jamai Osmania 09:0409:05--1m1150.479515mSCRTel:040-27090705, Telangana
16VAR Vidya Nagar 09:0609:07--1m1151.89507mSCRTel: 040-27632689, Telangana
17KCG Hyderabad Kacheguda 09:2041153.6-494mSCRTel:040-27568624, Telangana

Alternate Trains of Miryalaguda - Kacheguda DEMU

Total Alternet Trains: 2

Return Train from Miryalaguda to Hyderabad Kacheguda

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
57620Delta Fast Passenger SMTWTFS
77674Kacheguda - Miryalaguda DMU xMTWTFS
Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Miryalaguda - Kacheguda DEMU

Train From Miryalaguda to Hyderabad

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