Triveni Link Express Train No 14371

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Triveni Link Express

Triveni Link Express Train Number 14371 from Barwadih Junction to Bareilly Junction is a Mail/Express train belonging to Indian Railways in NR/Northern Zone. It has started services from NA. It has 36 halts. 113 intermediate Stations between Barwadih Junction and Bareilly Junction Covering a total distance of 861 km in 23h 40m time. The Departure time of Triveni Link Express from Barwadih Junction is 13:00 and arrival time at Bareilly Junction is 12:40 +1 night. It usually comes on Platform Number 3 at Barwadih Junction station and Platform Number -- at Bareilly Junction.

Schedule of Triveni Link Express

From: BRWD Barwadih Junction
To: BE Bareilly Junction
Departs @ 13:00
Arrive @ 12:40 +1 night
Platform 3
Platform --
Type: Mail/Express
Travel Time: 23h 40m
36 halts
Distance: 861 km
Avg Speed: 36 km/hr
Peak Speed: NA
From: NA
To: NA

Train Route of Triveni Link Express

#CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPFHaltDay#KmSpeedElevZoneAddress
1BRWD Barwadih Junction 13:00310.068296mECR822111, Jharkhand
2DTO DaltonGanj 13:2413:2915m127.144234mECR230812, Jharkhand
3GHD Garhwa Road Junction 14:1514:2015m160.550190mECRPalamu Pn. no - 06584-262777, Jharkhand
4GHQ Garhwa 14:3214:3412m170.561212mECRGarhwa, Jharkhand
5MQX Meralgram 14:4514:4712m181.660251mECRGarhwa, Jharkhand
6NUQ Nagar Untari 15:1015:1212m1104.564245mECRGarhwa, Jharkhand
7WDM WyndhamGanj 15:2315:2512m1116.262253mECRSonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh
8DXN Duddhinagar 15:4715:4912m1138.855265mECRSonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh
9RNQ Renukut 16:1216:1715m1159.943313mECRSonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh
10CPU Chopan 17:1518:30275m1201.741194mECRSH 5A Sonebhadra - 05445-264204, Uttar Pradesh
11AGY Agori Khas 18:4518:4712m1211.933209mNCRState Highway 5, Uttar Pradesh
12CUK Churk 19:0819:1012m1223.422314mNCRState Highway 14, Uttar Pradesh
13RBGJ Roberts Ganj 19:2419:2612m1228.433318mNCRRobertsganj, Uttar Pradesh
14LUSA Lusa 20:2820:3012m1262.844287mNCRlusa, Uttar Pradesh
15SKGH Saktesgarh 20:5821:0012m1283.525128mNCRSaktesgarh Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh
16CAR Chunar Junction 21:5022:00410m1304.37586mNCRChunar Junction, Uttar Pradesh
17MZP Mirzapur 22:2522:30--5m1335.43787mNCRMirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
18BDL Vindhyachal 22:4222:4412m1342.72986mNCRMirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
19MJA Meja Road 00:1500:17--2m2386.52094mNCRDistrict Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
20NYN Naini Junction 01:5001:5222m2417.51299mNCRAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
21ALD Allahabad Junction 02:3003:05935m2424.932100mNCRAllahabad 211003, Uttar Pradesh
22PRG Prayag Junction 03:1703:1811m2431.42196mNRAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
23PFM Phaphamau Junction 03:3603:3711m2437.86299mNRAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
24LGO LalgopalGanj 04:0404:05--1m2465.758105mNR212413, Uttar Pradesh
25KHNM Kunda Harnamganj 04:2004:21--1m2480.259110mNR230204, Uttar Pradesh
26GRMR Garhi Manikpur 04:3304:34--1m2491.954113mNRGarhi Manikpur, Uttar Pradesh
27PQN Pariawan Kalakankar Road 04:4204:43--1m2499.155114mNR229408, Uttar Pradesh
28UCR Unchahar Junction 04:5504:56--1m2510.074112mNRUnchahar, Uttar Pradesh
29LMN Lachhmanpur 05:1005:1111m2527.252119mNRUnchahar, Uttar Pradesh
30RBL Rae Bareli Junction 05:3505:4025m2547.952116mNRRaebareli, Uttar Pradesh
31HCP Harchandpur 05:5705:58--1m2562.741121mNR229303, Uttar Pradesh
32BCN Bachhrawan 06:2106:22--1m2578.554124mNR229301, Uttar Pradesh
33NHN Nigohan 06:3506:3611m2590.218128mNR226302, Uttar Pradesh
34LKO Lucknow Charbagh NR 08:3508:455,610m2625.860124mNRLucknow 226004, Uttar Pradesh
35SAN Sandila 09:3409:3521m2674.472134mNRSandila, Uttar Pradesh
36HRI Hardoi 10:1910:2011m2727.658145mNRHardoi 241001, Uttar Pradesh
37SPN Shahjahanpur 11:2511:3035m2790.660157mNRShahjahanpur Pin Code:242001, Uttar Pradesh
38BE Bareilly Junction 12:40--2861.1-174mNRUttar Pradesh 243003, Uttar Pradesh

Alternate Trains of Triveni Link Express

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
No Data
Total Alternet Trains: 0

Return Train from Barwadih Junction to Bareilly Junction

Train#Train NameSMTWTFS
14370-SlipBareilly - Barwadih Triveni Link Express xMxWxFx
24370-SlipTriveni Link Express SxTxTxS
Total Return Trains: 2

Coach Postion of Triveni Link Express


Train From Barwadih to Bareilly

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